see this what i do when you hitting some kat from behind and she got some cheeks, you let her throw it back like that and just watch the ass bounce … then you talk shit to her, cussing, and all that, talk real real nasty and she should flip her hair and turn around to look at what she doing, winking at you or smiling, saying your name or whatever … when she do that you grab a handful of her hair right above her neck and tug lightly but with force and kiss her, tongue and all, then kiss her neck, and then lick down her spine, spank her on the ass then grab her hips and fuck her like you bout to do a life bid in the booty house, spread them cheeks and get deeper and hit nothing but kat, she should start telling you that she bout to nut, slow it down and just deep stroke the pussy with a hand around her throat and the other gripping a cheek .

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if i gave birth to a black boy and spent a good 18 to 20 something years of my life raising, loving, and feeding him and i heard or read him saying some shit about ‘fuck black girls’ ‘dark skin bitches are roaches’ and/or ‘i can’t date a black chick’ on sight im ending him. i would feel like such a failure… to raise such a degenerate?? i wouldn’t be able to go on. i would personally feel disrespected. 

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where craig at?



Bae 😍😘 #insta





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